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Into the Storm

Into the Storm

Tales From the Lighthouse - Book 1

Evil Doesn’t Die

Santa Carla, California - Autumn, 1982
Ignoring telltale warning signs, passive, weak, 18-year-old Sam Freeman and his friend Max head out for an evening cruise on the bay.
Foolish mistake.
Caught in a sudden storm with a dead motor, they must try to take shelter in an isolated lighthouse or get swept out to sea. Little do they know, something waits for them in the abandoned structure.
Something that doesn’t want to be disturbed.
Something dark.
Something beyond death.
Will they survive the treacherous landing, only to have their friendship and lives destroyed by the nameless horror that waits quietly in the dark?

Into the Storm is the first book in DL Strand’s terrifying new, supernatural horror series, Tales of the Lighthouse.
If you like fast-passed, brutally scary stories with a strong, irreverent, female character, you’ll love Into the Storm.

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