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What the Hell is Storyteller's Pub?

In short, Storyteller's Pub is a place for me to share the things I write with folks who might be interested. 

Why don't you sell them on Amazon, you may ask. Well, I do, but Amazon demands a large piece of the sales; 30 - 70%. In order to be seen, you need to advertise, and they own the ad platform, which is getting more expensive every day, taking a larger cut from my little $1.99 sales. So, I've decided to offer my books and stories direct, and providing my short stories for free, through my newsletter. 

To join the 'pub, all you need to do is enter your email. In exchange, you'll receive stories and updates in your inbox each month, as well as personal news and updates on upcoming publications. 

If you like dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction, give it a try. I think we're in for a fun time.




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