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Welcome to the 'Pub!

This is my home on the web where I can share the dark little things that gnash away at my brain.

Since I started down this path just a few years ago, I've discovered that as fun as it is to offer my stories through the various online stores; Apple, B&N, Amazon, and the like - it doesn't give me much chance to connect with my readers. So, I created this place, furnished it nice and cozy, and now invite y'all to hang out, poke around and see what we might have in common. Once or twice each month, you'll receive updates about me and my work, and every now and again, I'll be happy to throw in a free story. 

To join, all you need to do is enter your email below. 

If you like dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction - essentially the creepy stuff that has my kids asking, "What's wrong with Dad?" - then Storyteller's Pub is for you.


I think we're in for a fun time.




Image of Author D.L. Strand
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