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An image of the superntural horror book, Into the Storm; Tales From the Lighthouse - Book 1

Into the Storm - FREE

The first book in the Tales From the Lighthouse Saga.

Evil Doesn’t Die


The coastal town of Santa Carla, California, Autumn, 1982.

18-year-old Sam Freman fears everything; heights, bullies, girls - you name it. One evening, despite signs of hard weather, his best friend Max convinces him to head out on the bay in his tiny fishing boat. 


Stupid mistake.


What starts out as a light drizzle explodes into a deadly squall. Amid crashing thunder and pounding waves, Sam must attempt a treacherous landing on Lighthouse Rock or be swept out to sea. 

What he doesn’t know is that something lurks in the crumbling lighthouse.


Something dark.


Something beyond death.


Will they survive the treacherous landing, only to be consumed by the nameless horror that awaits?

Into the Storm is the first book in DL Strand’s terrifying, supernatural horror series, Tales From the Lighthouse. If you like fast-paced, brutally scary stories, you’ll love Into the Storm.

What folks are saying about D.L. Strand's work:

"Strand has managed to create a book that is different from others and brings back the thrill and unpredictable horror that I look for."  - E. Patrick

I found myself immersed in a tumultuous storm that had me turning pages
in anticipation and suspense from beginning to end. Great way to spend a lazy afternoon. - C. Piserchio


"DL Strand has woven a truly gripping short story that will catch and hold the attention of all readers age 18 and older. Edgar Allan Poe, you finally have some competition!"

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