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New Release!

Into the Dark

Book Two in the terrifying, supernatural horror saga, Tales From the Lighthouse.

New Release

Praise and Reviews

Strand's scenic descriptions and character development are reminiscent of earlier Steinbeck works. He weaves a delicate path through the psychological and the supernatural worlds in an engaging manner...

-Louis (Amazon)

Does not disappoint. Watch out for Strand!!!!

This was my first venture into the work of D L Strand and he did not disappoint. From character development to overall plot, this story is gripping. I have read many authors In this genre and find many of the the plots are predictable and lack uniqueness. Strand has managed to create a book that is different from others and brings back the thrill and unpredictable horror that I look for.

-Evan (Amazon)

Must read!

This book has the taste of a classic and the grip of well hinged movie. Brilliant. It has the characters, the setting, the pace.. Cleverly accomplished, Mr. Strand. Best read in a while, thank you very much.

-Fabrizio (Amazon)


About DL Strand

DL has held quite a few jobs; among them - entrepreneur, coffee roaster, filmmaker. But he's happiest when he's at home, sitting in his jammie pants, in front of his computer, dreaming up truly horrible things.

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